Wednesday, June 22, 2011

31st Batch for PGH's Advancement Program in Clinical Nursing

It’s nearly  12 in the afternoon, but I’m still on my bed. Then suddenly I remember, it’s the 15th day of June, and this is the day that the results of the exam and the final list for the successful qualifiers for the Advancement Program in Clinical Nursing(APCN)training will be released. I can’t go to Philippine General Hospital(PGH) that day, so my ever reliable boyfriend who has an appointment somewhere in Manila took the initiative to look for the results. 

Ohh my.. this is it, the whole question in my mind was — Did I passed the exam?, am I included in the list of trainees? I get my phone, dialled my boyfriend's number and then I heard a few rings (I am crossing my fingers wishing I am included in the list), then he picked it up, without  any words from me, he said, BABE YOU PASSED THE EXAM, YOU’RE INCLUDED IN THE LIST OF TRAINEE. Then, pause, few seconds before I can utter a word, then all I can tell him that time was, Weh? Di nga? are you sure?, not that I’m not confident of myself, I just don’t want to have high expectations besides PGH is PGH, to become part of its family even if it’s just a trainee thing is a big accomplishment for me, and I am proud of myself.

The thing is, the moment I told my parents that I am included in the list of trainee, they told me, "I was able to support you from preparatory days, to college days and up until you got your license. I didn't realized that it is still my obligation to support you now that you're a RN, but that was said in a funny way, nothing serious. They always told me that if they can only turn back time, they wouldn't allow me to took up nursing. Money-wise, health-wise-- still not a good preference, I suffer sleepless nights because of paperworks and exams and not to consider the thousands and thousands and thousands they have paid for my studies. I also told them that we have to pay the training fee worth Php10,000 to be able to get the slot or else it will be given to those nurses who are in the waiting list. So the next day we were able to go and pay the said training fee.

June 16, 2011. We went to PGH and I proudly presented my name in the list of trainees on  the bulletin board of the Nursing Service Department (that was the name of the department as far as I know, hehe forgive me, I still don’t know the where’s and about’s of PGH) to my parents even though they already knew I am on the list. So we went to the DNET (Department of Nursing Education and Training???) and asked for a payment slip, paid the training fee at the cashier at the ground floor, have the receipt photocopied on the second floor and lastly brought the photocopy of receipt to DNET. Yes, finally, it’s OFFICIAL, haha, I passed and paid for my much awaited training. What a relief, atleast I will be able to keep myself busy for 6 months. For I know being employed  as a nurse here in the Philippines is not that easy, and this APCN training will be my edge??? I hate to admit it, but the “BACKER SYSTEM” here in the Philippines is a MAJOR MAJOR  problem for me and many nurses who have good grades and have knowledge of nursing skills but are treated unjustly, for we don’t have the officials and major names to back us up in our employment.  I am not saying that those people who have their backers lacks knowledge and skills, it’s just unfair! Maybe the system should be this—put the résumé in order of date that it was passed and let the experts do their jobs: see who’s competent enough based from education, trainings, skills, interviews--- fair play isn’t it?

While we were walking around PGH, my parents noticed the different situations of people there. Some were noticeably sick, some patients are being transferred to other units with their relatives crying, some patients are on the hall way with their stretchers, relatives are seating and lying in somewhere they can fit in, some relatives of patients are running around with papers to be photocopied, money to buy medicines and food, money to pay to the cashier. That was reality, and that reality is not new to me, I already saw even more unpleasant things than that. Although I always tell them stories from my duties, seeing that with their own eyes broke their hearts. And while we’re on our way out of PGH, my father told me "As we were paying the training fee, in my mind was, another out-of-budget expenses. But at the moment I saw the less privileged people, all i can tell myself was we were lucky enough, it's much better that we are the one paying for the training and giving free services to people instead of us being given that services. We are lucky that we are healthy. Now do all you can to help those patients even in your own little caring way... "I will Papa", even if my father didn't told me that, I know and I will!!!
(6 months Training Program)
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QUALIFICATIONS (any of the following):
1. A recent graduate of the BSN program; or
2. With clinical &/or hospital experience for the past five (5) years

1. Letter of Intent addressed to Ma. Rita Villanueva-Tamse - (Deputy Director for Nursing)
2. Dean’s Form (available at the DNET office)
3. Photocopy of the Transcript of Records
4. Certified true copy of the Board Rating
5. Authenticated photocopy of the PRC license
6. Photocopy of the PNA membership card
7. Qualifying Exam (to be scheduled upon submission of requirements)

FEE: Php10,000.00
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